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We are experts at collecting debt previously deemed "un-collectable debt".

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Fort Worth collection agency, Collection Agency Service, has been the leading Fort Worth collection agency for well over a decade. We have successfully navigated debt collection claims in Fort Worth, and throughout the state of Texas and successfully collected millions of dollars for our clients. Our trained collection staff understands the unique challenges faced with handling a Texas collection matter. Equipped with the resources to overcome them, Fort Worth commercial debt collection agency, Collection Agency Service is the solution that you have been looking for when faced with collecting a debt in Texas. Doing business in Texas exposes companies to opportunities as well as risks. There is nothing more aggravating to a business than providing a service or a product to a client who won't pay when faced with a customer in Texas that won't pay, its vital to engage a professional Fort Worth collection agency that has the experience and tenacity to get you paid.

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Fort Worth Small Claims Court

When faced with a collection account in the state of Texas, many businesses will immediately consider filing an action in small claims court. Unfortunately, they quickly find out that an Fort Worth small claims court often turns out to be nothing more than a waste of time and money, and even when they are successful, all they end up with is a judgment that they now need to find someone to collect on. Collection Agency Service offers a no recovery, no fee service, meaning if we do not get paid, you owe us nothing. Clients consider this a much better solution than filing a case in an Fort Worth, Texas small claims court where the only thing you are guaranteed is expensive filing fees.

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Collecting a Court Judgment in Fort Worth, TX

If you already learned the unfortunate lesson that Texas courts offer little assistance in collecting a debt, we can help you turn your judgment into cash you can deposit in the bank. Collection Agency Service is well versed in all aspects of handling judgment enforcement in Texas. When a judicial decision is made, the creditor has the right to file a lien against real property in Texas by recording an abstract of judgment. While this tactic should be taken, it does not force immediate payment; to extract immediate payment, creditors can file a writ of execution that allows the sheriff to liquidate property owned by a debtor or a writ of garnishment, which can freeze funds a debtor has in a bank account. While these remedies sound effective, trying to conduct them can be confusing, and mistakes can make collecting nearly impossible. Collection Agency Service utilizes its network of Fort Worth Texas collection Agency attorneys to handle all aspects of recovering your Texas judgment.

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We Get Fort Worth Texas Business

Fort Worth Texas collection agency, Collection Agency Service, understands the entire business landscape in Fort Worth Texas. We have successfully collected debts for clients in the farming, automotive manufacturing, and food supply chain sectors. Texas is one of the world's largest producers of pecans and cotton. Auto manufacturing facilities such as Kia motors US hub and the home of hundreds of breweries and grain processing plants, understanding these industries, and the peripheral services that support them are vital to the successful collection of a debt in the state of Texas.

If you are reading this, it is because you have a debt collection matter in Texas that you need to address. While there are dozens of collection agencies in Texas, Collection Agency Service is the agency that will effectively and quickly resolve your collection matter. We are the nation's premier Fort Worth Texas collection agency and look forward to representing your business.


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We are experts at collecting debt previously deemed "un-collectable debt".